The history of changes for both EasyProt and EasyProtConv is available here.
This is just the transaction log file from the subversion server.

Virtual machine with EasyProt

Because we received many messages from people wanting to try EasyProt or EasyProtConv on non-Linux systems, we decided it would be much simpler to provide a virtual machine appliance with EasyProt and EasyProtConv already pre-installed!
This way, you won't struggle with the installation process and you can quickly and easily decide whether EasyProt or EasyProtConv suits your needs or not :-)
The virtual machine provided here runs an Xubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit Linux system. Note that you'll need a 64-bit architecture in order to be able to use it. The system is pretty much bare: it was updated with the latest packages from Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and only the required EasyProt dependencies were installed.
The virtual machine appliance can be downloaded below as a single ova file:

  • Click here to download EasyProt and EasyProtConv as a VirtualBox appliance.

Linux on the virtual machine is configured to log on automatically with the user "easyprot". If needed, the password is "easyprot" as well.
EasyProtConv can simply be run by clicking on the EasyProtConv desktop icon.
To test EasyProt though, you must start the necessary services by issuing the following commands in a terminal (open a terminal by clicking on the black icon on the panel):

phenyx_license_server start
easyprot_daemon start
easyprot_server start

Similarly, EasyProt services can be stopped with:

easyprot_server stop
easyprot_daemon stop
phenyx_license_server stop

To start using EasyProt, simply open Firefox; its home page should point to EasyProt's web server. If it doesn't work, it probably means you forgot to start the services above.
EasyProt comes with an already created "demo" user (password "demo").
In case you want to log on as user "admin" to manage users and databases, use the "admin" password.

The demo user comes with one job as an example. It is a job that features 6-plex isobaric quantification (2 conditions with 3 replicates per condition). Feel free to click on it and try the different viewers and exports.

Native EasyProt

System Requirements
  • 64-bit hardware
  • 4GB of RAM (8GB or more is recommended for large jobs)
  • Linux 64-bit, kernel 2.6.x
  • Java 1.6 or higher
  • Additionnal dependencies such as LaTeX, etc. (mostly for Isobar export - see the install section for more details)
  • Version 2.3 build 756 is available here (24/02/2014).
Important Notes

Since build 701 EasyProt now features a spectrum viewer showing the exact ion series used by the Olav identification engine. Prior builds featured simulated matches as exact Olav ions were not available. A major consequence of this change is the following: if you upgraded to a build >= 700, you'll need to re-submit your protein search jobs in order to see a correct spectrum/ion matches display.

Installation Instructions

The EasyProt's Installation Guide describes the required steps to successfully install EasyProt on your system.

Native EasyProtConv

System Requirements
  • 64-bit hardware
  • 2GB of RAM (8GB or more is recommended for label-free processing)
  • Linux 64-bit, kernel 2.6.x
  • Java 1.6 or higher
  • Wine (to read vendors' native files - see the install section for more details)
  • Version 1.6 build 744 is available here.
  • Version 1.5 build 605 is available here (old version).
Installation Instructions

The EasyProtConv's Installation Guide describes the required steps to successfully install EasyProtConv on your system.

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